Urban and Rural infrastructure development

Our global team provides actionable and value-focused advice on infrastructure assets. We help clients determine what to build, how to do it more quickly and cost efficiently, and how to invest in and enhance the value of existing infrastructure.


Infrastructure is one of the cornerstones of a stable and productive society. Strategic investments in transport, housing, energy, and communication infrastructure are essential to create a strong and competitive economy with good jobs and standards of living. In fact, our analysis suggests that to maintain global GDP growth through 2030 requires a$60 trillion investment in infrastructure. To make effective infrastructure investments, decision makers must balance a variety of economic, social, and environmental considerations.

While infrastructure presents unique challenges, it also offers opportunities for both the public and private sector. McKinsey’s Infrastructure Practice helps clients identify, plan, finance, deliver, and operate infrastructure that delivers economic and social value.

Who we are

Mutual Consulting is the leading advisor on the planning, development, delivery, and operation of infrastructure and real estate assets. Our Infrastructure Practice works with clients in a unique way—bringing together best practices learned while serving the world’s leading companies with deep industry expertise.

We serve infrastructure planners—such as, government entities—engineering and construction (E&C) companies, owners, investors, and operators. Over the past four years, our practice has advised private companies and public entities on more than 850 projects. We are active in all geographies, asset classes, and project stages—from planning and financing to delivery and operation. Our global team of Infrastructure consultants works closely with colleagues in related practices—including Travel, Transport, & Logistics, Public Sector, Corporate Finance, Risk, and Operations—to bring deep expertise to every project. We invest heavily in building and honing cutting-edge tools and solutions for our clients.

What we do

Our Infrastructure Practice serves clients in the following areas:

  • Engineering & construction

    We support E&C firms involved in the planning, construction, and delivery of infrastructure projects. We help clients develop go-to-market strategies and deliver projects more quickly and cost effectively.

  • Real estate

    We advise real estate players on commercial, industrial, and residential real estate projects. From planning to development, marketing, and operation, we assist clients in creating value and minimizing risk throughout the lifecycle of a project. To ensure our clients’ projects are economically- attractive, we provide insights on end-user markets and the risk-return preferences of investors.

  • Investors

    We work with infrastructure funds, pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, banks, development banks, national infrastructure banks, and high-net-worth individuals involved in sourcing, financing, and maximizing the value of infrastructure assets. We also help public entities and private parties vet, structure, and manage public-private partnerships (PPPs).

  • Transport

    We serve transport authorities, government entities, and private sector partners involved in the planning, development, construction and operation of transport-related infrastructure—including airports, railways, metropolitan transport systems, roads, and seaports.

  • Mega Projects

    We help owner teams and contractors plan, deliver, and in some cases, rescue capital-intensive projects.

  • Social Infrastructure

    We support the public and private entities responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining physical infrastructure for social purposes—including public buildings, healthcare facilities, and schools and universities.

  • Cities

    We work with the leadership of cities around the world to address their most pressing infrastructure challenges and to meet economic and social objectives. From transport and roads to waste and water – we have a holistic, end-to end perspective on urban infrastructure.